Growing up is a Bitch


my last commentary for call of duty black ops that I did ^_^

<3 Video Games FTW


My YouTube commentary on a Call Of Duty: Black Ops match I played

Super Girl Nerd :) Gamertag-The Fallen Linz

Man, you know no one likes you when you do the fundme website for a honeymoon or wedding gifts and one person donated! Well looks like ill be having a 20 $ honeymoon haha ty for the donation it means a lot truly truly does. xoxoxo

My fiance and I are getting married this year in october and dont really want gifts. We would just love to enjoy ourselves by getting out of alaska and have fun being together. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you all

Omg blue mountain state the movie needs help funding it. You get cool shit for donating from the show. Its super awesome.

We live in an expensive place and everything costs money so we need help making our dream honeymoon come true. Any help would be greatly appreciated but please dont feel obligated to do so. Just trying to get some more money to make it perfect.

These girls have something I dont. They are pretty&#8230;but im naturally gorgeous so meh lol

These girls have something I dont. They are pretty…but im naturally gorgeous so meh lol

My back tattoo :-D

My back tattoo :-D

Me and my fiance &lt;3&#160;

Me and my fiance <3